Active+ Albany North Shore

  • Northridge Plaza, 100 Don McKinnon Drive, Albany

About Our Practice

The Albany branch is a spacious modern Physio and Pilates clinic, located in the heart of the North Shore retail precinct, just up the hill from the Westfield mall. Our post-graduate trained therapists offer a holistic, professional, friendly and open approach to your rehabilitation. We are conveniently situated for all clients from Albany, Rosedale, Greenhithe, Riverhead/Coatesville and the North Shore bays. We have convenient parking out the front with disabled parks also, and opening hours to suit all.


  • All musculoskeletal conditions both ACC and private
  • Sports physio for sports injuries
  • Pilates - both mat and machine based, with one-on-one, class-based or personal Pilates gym programs and membership
  • PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehab certified practitioners, helping return to exercise and function post-cancer diagnosis for men and women
  • Lymphoedema Therapy
  • Podiatrist available onsite
  • Gravity Training Exercise Training and Rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture treatment from therapists with post-graduate training
  • Sports physio massage therapy
  • Health & Wellness programs Breathing and respiratory rehabilitation
  • ACC Vocational Rehabilitation and Social Rehabilitation Contracts
  • Concussion Service
  • Occupational Health Services Merchandise for all your rehab and therapy needs

Hours of Practice

  • Mon–Thu 7am–7pm
  • Fri 7am–5pm
  • Sat 9am–12pm

Class Timetable


  • 5.00pm - 6.00pm
    PINC pilates
  • 6:00pm - 7:00pm
    pilates advanced level


  • 9.15am-10am
    pilates mixed level (incl beginners) from Feb 10th


  • 5.00pm - 6.00pm
    PINC pilates
  • 6:00pm - 7:00pm
    pilates beginners (6 week course)


  • 9.15am - 10am
    pilates mixed level (incl beginners)
  • 12.30pm-1pm
    express class


  • 9am-10.15am
    Yoga - all levels

Staff Profiles

Megan Schmidt

  • Post-graduate Certificate in Rehabilitation, AUT 2013, Bachelor of Physiotherapy University of Queensland 1997 Qualified Lymphoedema Therapist PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist of the year 2011


Co-owner of Albany with Andy, Megan has a Post-graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation to go with her Queensland Physiotherapy degree. She is a qualified Lymphoedema Therapist, Pilates instructor (Polestar) and is a PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist. Megan is an expert in cancer rehabilitation and has been involved in the development and delivery of national innovative rehab programs for women recovering from cancer. Physiotherapy special interests include: - Lymphoedema treatment - Pilates - Cancer rehabilitation

My Goals

  • 1. To teach SUP for breast cancer rehabilitation 2. To attend international Physiotherapy conference in Australia 3. To take tennis lessons

Jenny Payne

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Physiotherapy) (2005), Post-Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture (2009) Certified PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist


Physiotherapy experience: Qualified and certified PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehab provider. Physiotherapy Special Interests include Sports physio, acupuncture, Pilates, and athletic training injuries. Jenny gained her Post-Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture from AUT in 2009.

My Goals

  • 1. To run 10km by the end of the year 2. Get some sleep! 3. Improve my French

Alice Kennedy

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy)


Alice provides occupational therapy services at our Albany, Greenwoods and Howick clinics. She provides a client centered approach to occupational therapy, recognizing the importance of working collaboratively with everyone. Alice has a background in mental health and vocational rehabilitation.

My Goals

  • Learn how to do a small box jump on my snow board – and land it safely! Cook at least one new meal every month

Nick Reay

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) Bachelor of Business Studies Post-Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture


Nick has a Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) from AUT. He has worked with men’s and women’s sports teams, including football and roller derby. Nick has published international research in the area of physical rehabilitation for Osteoarthritis, and also has a Post Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture at AUT. Nicks special interest areas are exercise-based rehabilitation, neuromuscular rehabilitation, sports physio, and helping patients achieve their goals.

My Goals

  • 1. Complete Post Graduate Certificate in Acupuncture 2. Ride my motorcycle on every state highway in the North Island. 3. Row a marathon on a rowing machine in under 3 hours.

Vivienne Sheldon

  • Masters of Health Practice (Acupuncture), Post-Graduate Diploma of Health Science (Sports Physiotherapy), Diploma of Physiotherapy


Vivienne has a wealth of experience, with more than 20 years working in private physiotherapy, and is a well known musculoskeletal and sports physio on the North Shore. She holds a Masters in Health Practice specializing in Acupuncture, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy. Along with working at Active+, she also works for NZ Football as the National Physiotherapy Co-ordinator, and runs an Orthopaedic Paediatric clinic. Her special interests are sports physio for sports injuries, in particular netball, and childrens rehabilitation. She has previously worked for Northern Mystics Netball, and presently works for North Harbour Netball.

My Goals

  • 1. Run the Auckland Half Marathon 2. Run the Keri keri half 3. To continue to play netball and touch (while avoiding injury!)

Claire Boyce

  • 2008 BHSc (Physiotherapy) 2011 Lymphoedema Therapy 2014 PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist


Claire specialises in the treatment of lymphoedema having moved from Waitemata DHB into private practice. She is involved with AUT working with undergraduates and lecturers on cancer related care – aiming to have an article published in relation to Axillary Web Syndrome therapy as a result of this work. Claire has recently returned to work part time after the birth of her first daughter Ayla.

My Goals

  • To fit in some yoga on my maternity leave in 2015! To have the AWS research project published in association with AUT

Helen Evans

  • MSc. (Sport & Ex. Medicine), BSc. (Hons) Physio, BSc. (Hons), Ex. Phys.


Helen has a Masters (with Distinction) in Sport and Exercise Medicine as well as her degrees in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. She previously served in the British Army as a Physiotherapy Officer for 9 years, deploying on Operational Tours to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, where she treated patients with major trauma, as well as those with sports and overuse injuries. Helen worked with Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the English Institute of Sport and has a special interest in sports injuries. She practices acupuncture and clinical pilates and believes in the need for a strong core for optimal function in both injury prevention and rehabilitation. Helen is currently on maternity leave after the birth of her second daughter Alexandra.

My Goals

  • 1. To get on the water at least once a week either windsurfing, yacht racing or stand up paddle boarding. 2. To get my pre baby body back, or at least my core strength! 3. To play my saxophone and clarinet again after neglecting them for the past 5 years.

Rebekah McIvor

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) 2000. Grad Dip Business (2004) Bradcliff Breathing Practitioner (2016)


Rebekah has ten years private practice physio experience including sports and work based injuries. Rebekah's special interests include Rehabilitation, Pilates and treatment of breathing pattern disorders and she has recently trained as a Bradcliff Breathing Practitioner. Rebekah has recently returned to Physio after having an extended maternity break to have her children Eli and Bethany.

My Goals

  • 1. Return to distance running (Auckland and Queenstown half marathons November 2015) 2. Begin post graduate study in Acupuncture 3. Learn to play the Ukulele

Paul Lagerman

  • Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy) Bachelor of Science in Sports Rehabilitation (2001)


Paul has joined Active + all the way from the land of the Haggis. Paul commenced his physiotherapy training in the UK and qualified with a Bachelor of Science with honours in physiotherapy. Paul has always had a particular interest in pain science, ever since his school P.E. teacher made the comment "It's only pain laddie, c'mon on yer feet!" after suffering from a badly sprained ankle. Paul's career has spanned from working with various sports clubs including, football, rugby, netball, hockey and dance teams to private practice and working in the NHS. His interest in persistent pain never waned and he has worked with integrated health teams here in NZ and in the UK.

My Goals

  • To commence a masters thesis in pain science To swim with humpback whales To hike the hills of the South Island

Ian Marshall

  • MSc. (Sports Medicine) BSc. (Physiotherapy)


Ian comes from Dublin and has moved to NZ with this partner who is also a physio! Ian has a Masters in Sports Medicine, and has worked with elite level rugby in Ireland. He has a special interest in sports injuries, and knee/hip problems.

My Goals

  • 1. To take up kayaking, especially the NZ rivers! 2. To do a Pilates course 3. To go and see Hobbiton!

Lynda Atkinson

  • BHSc Physiotherapy 2008 PG Cert W Acupuncture 2011 Lymphoedema Therapy 2015


Lynda has practiced Musculo-skeletal physiotherapy since graduating, and has also spent three years in Child Development. However, her special interest area is Lymphoedema management. Lynda likes to work collaboratively with her patients, to ensure the best outcomes all round. Her aim is to share a laugh with each person she treats.

My Goals

  • 1.To train further in Cancer Rehabilitation 2.Play more tennis 3.Spend more time with her husband, horse and dog

Brigitta Cooper

  • BHSc Physiotherapy


My Goals


I am a middle aged woman who goes to pilate classes twice a week at Active Physio Albany My goal is to remain fit and flexible to get the most out of life, and the workouts deliver that. It was important to me to go to a organisation that I would feel supported, challenged and be part of a team that was working with me. My physio and Pilates Instructor, Jenny Payne, has been fantastic, encouraging but at the same time pushing me when needed.

— Margaret Latimer Director, Teknatool

In her role as a physiotherapist and pilates instructor Megan has been an essential part of my recovery from a range of injuries. Her no nonsense, knowledgeable, supportive and practical approach has been invaluable in the four years that I have known her. I have recommended her to a number of friends and business colleagues and they too have found her fantastic.

— Ruth Clavis Director, K2 Consulting Executive Search

As a professional tennis player having an injury and time off playing costs me money. So it’s important that I get the most accurate and thorough diagnosis and treatment. I continue to use Andy because he gives me the confidence that I will be back playing in the quickest possible time. I have travelled extensively and can truly say Andy is world class. As well as his professionalism he has a great sense of humour, making my treatments as enjoyable as is possible.

— Dan King-Turner - Professional Tennis Player

Andy is a very skilled and knowledgable physiotherapist, and the best I have met. I particularly valued Andy's approach which is a mix of understanding my objectives, bringing to the table a depth of knowledge of physiotherapy and options for repairing my shoulder injury and tailoring a repair program to my needs. I am thrilled with the results of his work and advice and my rehabilitation progress. Andy is also obviously passionate about his profession and keeps current and engaged in the latest research. I highly recommend Andy as an expert and competent physiotherapist.

— Greg Runnerstrum - Marketing Consultant

PINC Cancer Rehab: This program has been a huge positive focus in a time of extreme stress. Megan was a fantastic support who adapted the program to support my mood and stress at the time. I have loved the interaction with her and an exercise program that suits me and makes me feel better about myself. I have had years of almost constant back pain and this program has had a huge positive effect on reducing the pain I experience and improving my quality of life.

— Dr Diane Fraser, Unitech, Auckland

Thank you so much to Alyssa for doing such a great job on my knee, which combined with a few exercises, meant that I was able to run the Coatseville Half Marathon. It went very well, on a very wet day. My knee didn’t give me any trouble at all! Not even a twinge!

— Julie Charlton

I first visited Megan six weeks after surgery, feeling very vulnerable with a reconstructed and very scarred chest. Initially I saw Megan on a one to one basis to learn the necessary exercises to regain full movement of my arm. I also had weekly massages to help with lyphodema but more important was the psychological comfort these sessions gave me. After a few weeks I started Pinc Pilates and under Megan's guidance I worked at my own level and slowly built up to more demanding exercises. Eighteen months later I am still enjoying these classes. Megan promised to have me back to my fit and active self within months of surgery and together we achieved that with her at my side every step of the way. Physiotherapy played a large part in my recovery and in particular with Megan's professionalism, encouragement and understanding I have regained my confidence and fitness.

— Linda Skelton

I would like to thank you for your help in my recovery. I feel that the educational side of the recovery plan was vital to my recovery, after a long time of being told not to do things and having a closed minded attitude to my limits and pain. The information Paul has given me really helped me understand why I was still getting pain. After 5 weeks with Pauls expertise I finaly felt confident enough to return to work after 13 months. The fitness plan I felt was great, it put into action what Paul had told me, after the first week I was already doing more than I thought I could and felt safe doing so.

— Joe D

I am a very unhappy customer today…but this is because my rehab has now finished! I was very fortunate to be referred by ACC to Paul Lagerman, and jokingly I have been telling people it has been a revelation! (there truth behind it though). When I met Paul I was in a very dark place both physically and mentally, I had taken a lot longer to recover from my back surgery than I would of ever imagined. Paul was very blunt and to the point and the 10-12 weeks I have spent with him have set me on the right track to being fully fit. Despite the od twinge I am now recovered and the next goal is just general fitness and weight loss. This would not have happened without Paul. He challenged me and changed my mind-set - a mind that was very set with what previous physio’s have taught me over the last 7 years of back trouble. I now have a very proactive mind when it comes to my back. I can’t recommend Paul enough.

— Kevin Blakeman