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Jacqui Gregory
Clinical Psychologist


Jacqui has been a practicing psychologist for over ten years, and was a counsellor before that. She has worked in a variety of settings with a range of issues including mild, moderate and serious mental health issues, addiction issues, criminal offending, pain, trauma, grief, relationship issues, personal development, and professional supervision.

Jacqui is fascinated by human behaviour and strongly believes in the ability for people to change. She enjoys using positive psychology approaches to help people identify and create meaningful valued lives despite the challenges that life throws at them.

Outside of work Jacqui enjoys spending time with family and friends, and enjoys getting active- especially in the great outdoors - biking, walking, running, and swimming. She is also fascinated by words and enjoys reading and writing in quieter moments. (should she be lucky!!)

My Goals

  • To help people who consult me develop positive meaningful lives whilst maintaining a lifestyle balance that allows me to do the same!
Jacqui Gregory


Registered Clinical Psychologist -
Msc (Hons)