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Caroline Parry


I have over 9 years’ experience in health and wellness, with a degree in Sport and Recreation and most recently, a degree and training in physiotherapy, completed at Auckland University of Technology. I have worked with patients in the cardiac, haematology, oncology, orthopaedics, stroke rehabilitation and muscular skeletal fields. I have a special interest in pain education and management, with a particular passion for helping patients with spine problems.

I am very experienced in roles that require the delivery of excellent professional service to diverse groups of people.

In addition to my study-related experience, I have worked for others and for myself in a variety of health and wellness related fields: coaching young children, therapeutic massage and rehabilitation. 

 These experiences,  providing professional services to a very diverse range of people,  taught me the critical importance of being open to really listen to what patients say  about their issues.  These experiences have  also taught me the importance of identifying the key problems for each individual. 

 In addition to my qualifications, my life experience as a mother and a brand new grandmother (Ouma) brings me plenty of joy: something I like to try and share with my patients and colleagues.

I am originally from Parua Bay in Northland, where I raised my family. I love working with people and I’m highly motivated to help others fulfil their aspirations and improve their lives. 

My Goals

  • To bring laughter to at least one person a day
  • To develop my skills for chronic patients
  • To develop my artistic ability and hold an exhibit by 2020
Caroline Parry


BHSc Physiotherapy