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Georgia Bennett


Georgia graduated from AUT University in 2009 with a BHSc(Physiotherapy) degree, she has lived in Australia for much of her time as a physiotherapist, working in Coffs Harbour, Broken Hill, Darwin and Margeret River. She currently lives in Whangamata but comes up for work 3 days a week.  She is qualified in Dry Needling Plus (gentle, fascial needling) and Japanese acupuncture.  She also has a special interest in Vocational Rehabilitation and is doing her postgraduate certificate in this at present.  She has a horse and enjoys surfing and mountain biking in her spare time.

My Goals

To pass my post graduate certificate with A's

To explore the area around Warkworth more, and find some decent mountain biking tracks to tackle

Georgia Bennett


BHSc (Physiotherapy)