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Active+ COVID-19 Guidelines


Keeping our Active+ clients, staff and community safe and healthy is our utmost priority. With the “traffic light” COVID-19 Framework in place across Aotearoa we wanted to breakdown how you can access our services during this time.


Red and Orange Lights

We’re continuing to work towards keeping each other safe through a range of additional safety measures. During this time we also appreciate your help to reduce the risk: 

  • All Active+ nationwide staff who see you in-person will be wearing a mask and have been double vaccinated and boosted against Covid-19.
  • Please use the NZ COVID-19 tracer posters to scan in before entering our facilities These posters will be displayed prominently at our facilities. Download the app here. Alternatively, please sign in manually if you’re unable to use the app.
  • We strongly encourage mask-wearing for all clients entering our premises.
  • We will maintain physical distancing throughout the appointment where we can and encourage you to do the same.
  • We will be asking a series of screening questions prior to engaging in services, which will help determine the best service option for you (either virtual appt through our Telehealth Services or face-to-face).
  • We have stringent cleaning and sanitisation processes in place for our clinics.
  • We have a strict policy for staff to not have any face-to-face contact with clients or other staff if they have any cold or flu-like symptoms, or someone at home has.
  • Our exercise classes are back up and running again with appropriate health and safety measures in place.


Telehealth Services

Just like a normal session you would have in the clinic, we are able to discuss your pain or problem and any relevant medical history. We can then identify your goals of treatment and identify a treatment plan identifying the steps that we need to get there. If there are specific tests you need to take, such as physical tests or answering a questionnaire, we can find ways of doing these with you also. We can still guide you with appropriate talking therapies, education, advice, exercises and self-management techniques. 

We can also recommend or refer you for an x-ray, ultrasound scan or to see a GP or specialist if necessary.

For those needing a physiotherapist or exercise program, we can provide you with an online video-based rehab exercise program, with check list that you can do in between sessions and arrange a follow up to monitor your progress and progress or change the exercises and self-management as appropriate. 


If you are feeling anxious at this time

It is normal to feel anxious at this time around the uncertainty of the situation, however it's important we maintain engagement in usual routines and life as much as we are able within the limits of the Ministry of Health recommendations, to keep physically and psychologically well. We have also developed some downloadable resources you may find useful for yourself or someone you know, on relaxation, de-stressing, mindfulness, unwinding and self-talk. You can find those resources here