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COVID-19 and Active+


Updated 23/03/20: It’s important for us to let you know that your rehabilitation with Active+ can continue to the best as we can, and is of the utmost importance to us. Here's what we are doing to try to continue your rehabilitation: 

With the move to Covid-19 Level 3 alert and the imminent move to Level 4, from now we are stopping all face to face consultations on our services.  

For those clients who are having services under our ACC or private insurer contracts, our Telehealth service can be used for contact and ongoing rehabilitation with your clinician, as long as you consent to this and your clinician agrees it is the best option for you. Telehealth uses an online video platform on a computer or phone. It is important for your recovery, and for ongoing ACC coverage, that you do continue to engage in your rehabilitation services to the best you can and that we can provide. 

For our clients attending our clinics, we will also be contacting you to offer this service. 

What is Telehealth?

Just like a normal session you would have in the clinic, we are able to discuss your pain or problem and any relevant medical history. We can then identify your goals of treatment and identify a treatment plan identifying the steps that we need to get there. If there are specific tests you need to take, such as physical tests or answering a questionnaire, we can find ways of doing these with you also. We can still guide you with appropriate talking therapies, education, advice, exercises and self-management techniques. 

We can also recommend or refer you for an x-ray, ultrasound scan or to see a GP or specialist if necessary.

For those needing a physiotherapist or exercise program, we can provide you with an online video-based rehab exercise program, with check list that you can do in between sessions and arrange a follow up to monitor your progress and progress or change the exercises and self-management as appropriate. 

It is normal to feel anxious at this time around the uncertainty of the situation, however it's important we maintain engagement in usual routines and life as much as we are able within the limits of the Ministry of Health recommendations, to keep physically and psychologically well. We have also developed some downloadable resources you may find useful for yourself or someone you know, on relaxation, de-stressing, mindfulness, unwinding and self-talk. You can find those resources here

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your rehab team at Active+ if you have any questions, and let’s work together to keep making progress at this difficult time, to get you back to the things you want to do as soon as possible.

Ngā mihi

All the team at Active+