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Return to Work services


Return to Work services

We are now able to support your injured staff members back to work sooner!

If you have a staff member who can't work or is finding it difficult to perform tasks because of their injuries, we are now able to support them to return to work sooner due to ACC process changes.  ACC have recently removed the prior approval process which now enables injured workers to directly access our Vocational Rehab services and start receiving the care they need to return to work without delay.

The purpose of the service is to return injured workers to their work roles in a supported and safe manner. Integrating work into a client’s recovery is best achieved with planning and support from the employer, our occupational health therapists and the client. Our providers will work with alongside you, ACC and the client’s GP to achieve a successful outcome that helps your employee return to the workplace.

Are there any costs involved?

The service is fully funded by ACC, so there is no cost to the client.

To refer your team member

Click here to refer your team member directly through to us. If you have any questions about the Return to Work Services please email