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Phoebe Nielsen
Occupational Therapist


Phoebe has a Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) and a Post Graduate certificate in Mental Health and Addictions. She has worked with adults and young adults in community outpatient and inpatient settings for General mental health and has also worked in a Specialist Regional Eating Disorder Service. Alongside this Phoebe has also worked in a Private Paediatric clinic working with children on the spectrum supporting them with emotion regulation, social skills, fine & gross motor skills and sensory modulation.

Phoebe has a keen interest in working with individuals to build on their strengths through interactive education, play therapy and talking therapy. She has further interest in working with children and youth on the spectrum to help them achieve their full potential and develop plans and strategies that align with their unique and individualised view on the world to reach their full potential.

Phoebe values the importance of a client centred approach with the needs, wants and values of the client at the centre of care. Phoebe likes to view treatment as a collaborative process. Although she brings the knowledge and expertise as an Occupational therapist to the therapeutic relationship, she views the client as the expert in themselves and what works for them. To her this is an incredibly important aspect to successful, individualised, and meaningful treatment.

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Phoebe Nielsen


PGrad Cert (MHA)