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About our Practice

"Empowering Your Wellness Journey"

Welcome to Active + Milford, where your health and performance take center stage. Our clinic is more than just a physiotherapy center; it's a pivotal step towards your recovery and enhanced well-being. Whether you're an athlete aiming to break records or someone dealing with daily discomfort, our mission is to guide you back to your best self.

At Active + Milford, we pride ourselves on a holistic approach to treatment. Our skilled physiotherapists are not just experts in managing pain and injuries; they are dedicated to digging deep into the root causes of your discomfort. Through comprehensive assessments and a meticulous diagnostic process, we ensure a treatment plan that not only alleviates your symptoms but also drastically reduces recurrence.

Our expertise extends through a wide range of techniques, from advanced video analysis of biomechanics—like assessing your running gait—to personalized exercise prescriptions. We cater to a diverse clientele, including competitive runners, triathletes, and swimmers, enhancing their performance and aiding in rapid recovery from sports-related injuries.

However, our expertise isn’t limited to athletes. We provide exceptional care for individuals suffering from spine, joint, or muscle injuries, and those incapacitated by pain. Our goal is to swiftly restore your function and minimize discomfort, integrating cutting-edge research with decades of professional experience.

We aspire not only to heal but also to elevate your health beyond pre-injury levels. By identifying and addressing underlying physical or health issues, we aim to enhance your overall function and quality of life. Our team holds postgraduate qualifications and has specialized training in modalities such as acupuncture, dry needling, and manipulation, ensuring that each visit to Active + Milford leaves you better than before.

Proudly serving as the official physiotherapists for the NZL Swimming Squad, Phoenix aquatics and the preferred choice for the North Harbour Triathlon Club and Milford Tennis Club, we are recognized as a trusted and premier provider in the community.

Our clinic is conveniently located in Milford, just a short drive from Smales Farm and the northern motorway off-ramps, we are ideally positioned to serve residents from Takapuna to Forest Hill and beyond.

Rediscover your potential at Active + Milford, where your journey to better health begins with us.

Active + Milford Culture and Values

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide compassionate, individualized, and effective physiotherapy treatment to our clients, utilizing the latest technologies and evidence-based practices to enhance their well-being and quality of life."

Core Values

•Excellence in Care: We strive to deliver the highest standard of care through skilled therapy and continuous improvement in our practices.

•Integrity and Honesty: We conduct ourselves with unwavering integrity and honesty, ensuring transparency in all our interactions with clients and each other.

•Collaboration: We believe in the power of teamwork and collaborative effort to achieve the best outcomes for our patients and our clinic.

•Innovation: We are committed to incorporating innovative technologies and methods, such as video analysis and handheld dynamometry, to advance patient care.

•Empathy: At the heart of our practice is a profound empathy for our clients, understanding their needs, and supporting their health journeys.