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If your body is broken, damaged or bruised then it’s unlikely that you’ll be functioning at your optimum level. This can have a detrimental on your overall well-being. At Active+ we provide hands-on treatment and programmes to get your body back to feeling A+. And, once you’re back on track, we’ll work with you to help avoid future injuries.

We provide a range of services from physiotherapy, rehabilitation and Pilates through to personal training and injury prevention. All Active+ staff are experts in their chosen field, receiving ongoing mentoring, training and support to make sure our clients get the most-up-to-date techniques to make them feel well.

No matter your physical problem, you can trust the team at Active+ to get you feeling your best. Providing a holistic approach to your personal care plan means that if you require other services or treatment, we can recommend specialists within the group to help you.

This is the start of your road to recovery, we look forward to helping you on your journey.