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A cancer diagnosis can be life changing. It’s a journey you probably didn’t plan for, but getting back to your life activities is an important pathway on that journey. The Active+ BOOST programme supports you with this.

BOOST is a programme for people who are at any stage of a cancer journey.

The focus is on a holistic approach to cancer rehabilitation. That means we look at all aspects of your life to determine how cancer has impacted you and how best we can get you back to enjoying everyday activities.

The programme includes a comprehensive assessment and a tailored treatment planfrom to meet your individual needs. The first step is to meet with one of our accredited cancer rehabilitation physiotherapists, who hears your story and completes an assessmentto look at how you are currently managing, from both a physical and mind health perspective. This assessment helps us to understand who we need to involve in your care to help you get back to what is important to you.

What happens after the initial assessment?

After your assessment and in discussion with you, we put together a care plan of who we think needs to be involved in your program. Depending on your individual needs, this can include input from a PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, psychologist, dietitian, or career counsellor. We plan out who needs to be involved, and how much input they may need to have with you.

What kind of services can I expect in my rehab plan?

You and your cancer journey are unique which means the plan we recommend is unique to you and your circumstances. You can choose to have any or all of the services we recommend – the choice is up to you.

Your service could include any of the following:

  • Tailored exercise rehabilitation
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychological support
  • Nutrition advice
  • Pain management
  • Fatigue management
  • Return to work support including career counselling and services if your previous employment is not available
  • Community-based social support

Will my insurance pay for my BOOST programme?

The BOOST programme can be funded privately but some insurance companies will cover it depending on your provider and policy.

Talk to your insurance company to see whether this is something they are a part of and can refer you into.

Referrals can be made online by your insurance company case manager here.

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