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Mike Bignall, CEO:

Mike is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for oversight of the overall performance of Active+. This includes strategic planning, financial performance, business development and the Active+ Franchise network. Mike has extensive sector experience, having held a number of senior management roles with the ACC. He has also worked for PHARMAC, the Ministry for Primary Industries and held various roles with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

Andy Schmidt, Chief Operating Officer:

Andy is the Chief Operating Officer for Active+, responsible for overseeing the operational arm of the business. This includes oversight for administration, IT, marketing, and HR amongst other areas. Andy has a background in physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and business, and has been with Active+ for over 16 years in a number of roles. Andy is a Chartered Member of the Institute of Directors.

Cornè Mackie, Chief of Development:

Cornè Mackie, Chief of Business Developmen

Cornè is the Chief of Development, supporting the implementation of our strategic direction and responsible for insights and development of the Active+ Provider Network, expanding our services and finding innovative healthcare solutions to meet the current and future needs of clients. She is a clinical psychologist and neuropsychologist with over a decade of experience, 5 years’ experience in delivering managerial services under Active+, and a background of business management. She is a member of the Institute of Directors.

Dr Kris Fernando, Chief of Clinical Services:

Kris is Chief of Clinical Services, responsible for expanding and developing clinical services especially concussion, psychology/ neuropsychology, sensitive claims and mental health services. She has over 20 years of experience as a neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist. She has 12 years of management experience through her previous roles in ACC as Manager of Mental Health Services and Clinical Partnerships.

Erin Holland, Chief of Clinical Services:

Erin is Chief of Clinical Services, responsible for expanding and developing clinical services particularly pain, vocational rehabilitation, social needs assessment and escalated care pathway services. Erin has 25 years experience as a Physiotherapist and over 17 years of management experience as a business owner. She has also held various senior clinical and management roles for Active+