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Many New Zealanders struggle to access healthcare for a number of different reasons. Our Telehealth services are a way of improving this, it is a secure way of getting help from anywhere using your computer or phone and is just like a normal session you would having in the clinic - without having to leave your home or work! You'll still receive the same level of care that you would in person, we are able to discuss your pain or problem and any relevant medical history, and then we can then identify your goals of treatment and identify a treatment plan identifying the steps that we need to get there. If there are specific tests you need to take, such as physical tests or answering a questionnaire, we can clever find ways of doing these with you virtually. We can still guide you with appropriate talking therapies, education, advice, exercises and self-management techniques. If you need a referral for an x-ray, ultrasound scan, or to see a GP or specialist we are able to help with that.

For those needing a physiotherapist or exercise programme, our team can provide you with an online video-based rehab exercise programme with a check list that you can do in between sessions. And from there arrange a follow up to monitor your progress and progress or change the exercises and self-management as appropriate. 

What do you need for a Virtual Healthcare appointment?

To access our Telehealth services all you need is a private quiet space and a computer, tablet or phone that has internet access. In most cases you will be on screen for your appointment and most devices these days will have cameras and microphones for this. Sometimes we do our session over a phone call, however your provier will let you know the best option for this. 

To book in for a virtual healthcare session please speak to your clinician in the first instance.