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What is Psychology?

Psychology is defined as the scientific study of how the human mind works and how it influences behaviour. Psychologists utilise empirically based interventions to help people overcome personal obstacles and challenges. The work that is done can ultimately lead to more satisfaction and better quality of life.  

Psychologists have a range of interests and training expertise and can be found working in a wide number of fields. They can work with individuals, groups and organisations. Active+ has a vast range of specialists dealing with diverse issues such as: pain disorders, mood disorders (anxiety, anger, depression, adjustment, etc.), trauma, individual/couples/family issues, traumatic brain injuries, multi-cultural specialties and intellectual disabilities.

Active+ Psychologists are integrated into all aspects of rehabilitation and provide specialist services. A well-integrated multi-disciplinary team is the gold star standard in the rehabilitation field, as this type of team provides better outcomes for clients. Programmes are individually tailored based on the client’s goals and personal strengths.      

How we can help

Psychologists will initially conduct an assessment to identify what issues the client wants to focus on and/or address. Some assessments can be more specialised, such as pain or neuropsychological assessments. However, all assessments are individually tailored to the client.

Following the assessment, Active+ provides clients with a variety of options. This can include other complementary services the group offers, such as seeing a Physiotherapist to help create a fitness plan, talking to an Occupational Therapist to help explore leisure activities or discussing the need for further medical specialist assessment. When you are feeling more comfortable and are ready to access another specialist, we can refer you to one on our team. Your point of contact will always be the same person to retain an ongoing relationship and continuum of care. 

Contact us

We have a large therapeutic team which helps us to match you with a therapist in your area. Often, we will be able to find a therapist who specialises in your particular issue.

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