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We are known as Active+; the “plus" being that we are more than just physio and pilates; and now offer comprehensive rehabilitation services that include health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, vocational consultants, psychologists, counsellors, social workers, speech language therapists, nutritionists and medical specialists.

We have a growing franchise network of over 20 clinics from Northland to Manawatu that deliver physiotherapy and multidisciplinary rehabilitation services, and over 900+ clinicians delivering services to New Zealanders every day in their work places, in their homes and from the practices. With our network of services and providers, we are helping to fulfil Gill’s original vision, and can help you with almost anything in terms of prevention, rehabilitation and wellness.

Our Vision

As we have grown, our vision has shifted from being the leading brand of physiotherapy when we were Active Physio, to now being the leading brand of integrated multi-disciplinary health clinicians:

To be distinctive by offering exceptional services and solutions by a network of people across New Zealand, delivering with integrity and innovative flair. We aim to anticipate and surpass all expectations of our clients and inspire them to wellness.

Our Values

We achieve our vision through our 5 key values, which are:

Respect for all people - Cultivating ongoing client relationships ensures we deliver a bespoke service, enhancing our capacity for growth.

Ako - productive partnerships - Through inclusive learning and empowered participation, we enable excellent multi-disciplinary input for your health and well-being needs. 

Resilience - for stronger people - Our clients are empowered to learn long-term strategies for health and well-being for themselves and their whanau, and our staff are engaged by the delivery of new services and develop new skills.

Connected/whakawhanaungatanga - to others and community - we understand and are part of our local communities and the services they require

Pono - truth and validity - our clients are assured they are receiving the best service in a safe environment, and our staff are proud of the credible reputation our quality delivery has built.