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Injury Prevention

What is Injury Prevention?

At Active+ our services are all aligned to achieving health and wellness in the community and a big part of that is understanding injury prevention. 

We cannot always see what lies ahead of us, but we can all take positive steps toward reducing the risk of injury by remaining fit and healthy. This can help us meet the challenges life throws at us.    

How you can help yourself

At Active+ we believe that injury prevention is certainly better than injury cure. Here are some ways we can work together on maintaining health, wellness and prevent injuries in the workplace and in our daily lives.    

In the home

Do you want to take control of your health and help prevent injury and deterioration to muscles and joints? Are you keen to avoid regular visits to the gym? Then, there is an alternative. Make an appointment to meet with one of our friendly Physiotherapists for a take home self-management exercise package and rehab aids. 

As we get older, trips and falls can have an enormous impact on our overall health. At Active+ we can put together a wellness and injury prevention programme that includes balance and strength exercises that can benefit you.

Out and about 

Time and again we see preventable injuries at Active+ clinics from those who don’t warm up or warm down properly when keeping active. Whether you’re a casual walker or have a specific sport you want to get fit for, talk to our team of Physiotherapists about a sport specific workout and exercise programme.

In the workplace  

We have years of experience working with employers (large and small) providing Physiotherapists to lead health and safety walking groups for staff. We offer the chance for employees to keep fit safely while promoting injury prevention in the workplace.    

Other Injury Prevention and Physiotherapy services in the work environment include providing exercises you can do at your desk. Our sedentary lifestyles at work are causing future back problems. It’s not too late to prevent later injuries, simply talk to one of our experts about the importance of good sitting postures. For more information on injury prevention in the workplace and our Physiotherapy services contact your nearest Active+ Clinic for advice from one of our professionals on health and safety programmes.

Common long-term injuries

Statistics show us that among the common long duration injuries, knees, shoulders and back injuries are most prevalent. At Active+, we can assess these areas of the body for you and give you an individual tailored approach to keeping these body parts strong, supple and stable.

Contact your local Active+ Clinic to find out more.