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About our Practice

Active+ Taupo is new and was formerly the well-known and excellent local clinic Aspiring Health. Our therapists offer a holistic, professional, friendly and open approach to your rehabilitation, wellness and skincare. The clinic provides expert physiotherapy & massage therapy in Taupo and Turangi locations. Next to St. Andrews Church we have convenient parking out the front of the premises. Our clinic is on street level with easy access for all.

Service Charges 

ACC Initial Appointment$30
ACC Initial Appointment - Concession Card$25
ACC Follow Up Appointment$25
ACC Follow Up Appointment - Concession Card$18
Private Initial Appointment$75
Private Initial Appointment - Concession Card$70
Private Follow Up Appointment$50

Private Follow Up Appointment - Concession Card


Concession card = Community services, Gold, Student, Sports discount 

Services we Offer