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About our Practice

The Albany branch is a spacious modern physio, rehab and pilates clinic, located in the heart of the North Shore retail precinct, just up the hill from the Westfield mall. Our post-graduate trained Therapists offer a holistic, professional, friendly and open approach to your rehabilitation. We are conveniently situated for all clients from Albany, Rosedale, Greenhithe, Riverhead/Coatesville and the North Shore's East Coast Bays. We have convenient parking out the front including disabled parks, and opening hours to suit all. If you have any disabilities or special requirements that we should know about, then please let us know at time of booking an appointment.

Service Charges 

Please note that there is a higher charge with our Senior physiotherapists (Megan & Viv) With Megan & Viv
ACC Initial Appointment - 30 mins$30 $35
ACC Follow Up Appointment - 30 mins$35$38
Private Initial Appointment - 30 mins$70$75
Private Follow Up Appointment - 30 mins$70$75
Pilates Individual – 30 mins$60 
Pilates Individual – 60 mins$110 
Sports Massage - 60 mins$85 
Sports Massage - 30 mins$50 
Lymphoedema Initial Appointment - 60 mins$150 
Lymphoedema Follow Up Appointment - 45 mins$95 
Lymphoedema Follow Up Appointment - 30 mins$70 
PINC & STEEL Initial Appointment - 60 mins$130 
PINC & STEEL Follow Up Appointment - 45 mins$95 
PINC & STEEL Follow Up Appointment - 30 mins$70 
Failed Attendance$40 
Materials used in treatment will incur an extra fee  
Payment required at the completion of each appointment