Covid19 - Our service is still running via Telehealth, click here to find out more

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About our Practice

Although our clinic doors might be closed, we are still very much open for business! ACC has given us the go ahead to see clients under Telehealth. We can assist you with your pain or injury through this service.

If you have an injury call us on 09 444 1925 or email and we will arrange for a clinician to contact you.

So how does this Telehealth thing work?

There is a lot your physio is able to assess via a secure webcam meeting – either on Zoom or possibly a different platform. They can advise you on how to deal with an existing or new injury and then send you exercises to do at home. We are not charging a surcharge for this service.

Our Telehealth success story last week:

A client had a fall, and subsequently his knee and then entire calf swelled up quite quickly. He arranged a Telehealth meeting and by using his assessment techniques, the Physio was able to pick up on the possibility of a Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). He immediately referred the client to his local GP who was able to do a phone interview, send him for a blood test and discover that he did indeed have a DVT and get him onto some medication which quite possibly saved his life.


To book an appointment with us (via Telehealth); 

Please call us on 09 444 1925

or drop us an email.

A full list of services we are currently providing include:

Online Pilates and High Intensity Pilates FREE OF CHARGE

See our Facebook for more details. These go live daily during the week at 9am but are available for you to watch in your own time

Cancer Rehabilitation

Although we are no longer able to see you for hands on rehab, our Oncology Physios can assist you with some directed exercise and self-management techniques. The Swathe me cards are able to be used to cover this and fees have been reduced at this difficult time. Claire Boyce is also running a weekly next steps class and if you would like us to send you the link, please let us know.

Occupational Therapy - are you working from home?

Our Occupational Therapists can advise you on correct desk set up and posture so get in touch if you need any help.


Ash Walsh can assist you with a meal plan, recipes and support if needed. This can be booked via email and she will be in contact to organise either a Zoom or phone meeting.


The Albany branch is a spacious modern physio, rehab, pilates and yoga clinic, located in the new IAG building which is alongside the Westfield mall and just down from the Law courts. The clinic is walking distance from the Albany Park 'n Ride, or alternatively there is a bus stop right outside the building.

Our post-graduate trained Therapists offer a holistic, professional, friendly and open approach to your rehabilitation. We are conveniently situated for all clients from Albany, Rosedale, Greenhithe, Riverhead/Coatesville and the North Shore's East Coast Bays. 

Clients can park in the Wilsons carpark and we will pay for your parking for the duration of your appointment on arrival at the clinic. No need to take a ticket from the machine.

Disabled carparks are conveniently postioned at the rear of the building for easy access to the clinic. If you have a disability or any special requirement that we should know about, then please let us know at time of booking your appointment.

Our opening hours are there to suit everyone. We offer a number of classes for all levels. Please see our class timetable for more information.