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Highbrook East Tamaki

About our Practice

This clinic and gym is located in the heart of the East Tamaki commercial area and is ideally suited for convenient access for clients working in the area and those living in the Botany, Otara and Flatbush areas. The Highbrook practice is staffed by post graduate qualified Physiotherapists and offers both a physiotherapy clinic and full gym facilities to help you get the most out of your rehabilitation. At Active Plus Highbrook we pride ourselves on our multidisciplinary approach and we have Occupational Therapists,Vocational consultants and Psychologists on site  This enables us to provide an extensive range of services from injury management and ACC injuries right through to concussion, return to work and chronic pain management. We hold our Mobility Action Programme on site, a free programme for those with Osteoarthritis of the hip and knee. We are also well established in the area of corporate health and work closely with a number of local businesses supporting their health and wellbeing plans with ergonomic assessments, pre-employment checks, early pain and discomfort programmes, injury management and consultancy.


Service Charges 

ACC Initial Appointment$32
ACC Follow Up Appointment$27
ACC Follow Up Extended Appointment$38
Level 1 
Breathing Initial Assessment$150
Pilates or Exercise Session$90
- Muscle Balance Assessment and Programme$90
- Womens Health/Continence Management$90
- Extended Initial Assessment (Complex/Multiple Injuries)$90 
Level 2 
Initial Appointment$75
Extended Follow Up Assessment$75
Level 3 
Standard Follow Up Assessment$60
Failed Attendance (Without Notification)$40
Payment to be made at time of appoinment - $5 account charge otherwise