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Active+ is one of the largest multi-disciplinary rehabilitation suppliers in NZ, and have been in existence since 1990. We are proud to be 100% NZ owned! 

Our commitment is to provide a seamless, quality orientated, interdisciplinary experience for our clients, to enable them to meet their full potential. Our current 660+ clinicians represent many disciplines including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, counselling, rehabilitation nursing, dietetics, social work, vocational counselling, and medical specialists. Our network also includes a growing franchised clinic base of over 20 sites from Northland to Manawatu.We deliver services to New Zealanders every day in their work places, in their homes and from the practices.

We offer a range of services to ensure your mind and body are in good shape - at work and play. Formerly Active Physio, Active+ now offers comprehensive rehabilitation services that include health professionals such as physiotherapists, occupational therapists, vocational consultants, psychologists, counsellors, social workers and medical specialists. Active+ provide collaborative healthcare services in the wider community through a variety of contracts, click here to see a list of these contracts. 

From humble beginnings

A quarter of a century ago, Gill Webb hung out her physio sign on Manukau Rd in central Auckland in a tiny one room practice. The journey to Active+ had begun. Shaped by overseas experience, Gill had a vision to deliver health and wellness services that were needed and trusted by the community. At the time, what was seen by the public as ‘physiotherapy’ was loosely defined, and hugely variable between physiotherapy practitioners.

So, Gill set out to try and address those issues, and the Active Physio brand therefore came into being, to identify that exercise and client participation are the cornerstones of recovery and long term benefit.

This initial practice soon outgrew the space, and moved across the road to bigger premises. Other Physios embraced her vision and could see what they could achieve collectively for their clients and communities, and came onboard. So, it wasn’t long before Active Physio expanded to other locations in Auckland, and then out of Auckland into the North Island. Since then, we have also expanded our servcies into the South Island.

As we grew to understand the needs of the communities we represented, we attracted other allied health and exercise professionals to fulfil the original vision of delivering holistic solutions to our clients’ problems, and promote preventative injury and wellness services.

To a bright future

Today we are known as Active+, the “plus" being that we are more than just physio and pilates; and now offer comprehensive rehabilitation services with a wide range of health professionals. 

With our network of services and providers, we are helping to fulfil Gill’s original vision, and can help you with almost anything in terms of prevention, rehabilitation and wellness.

Active+ now has 4 directors, and is also a joint venture partner with Southern Cross Rehabilitation, a division of Southern Cross Hospitals Ltd.

Our directors are -

Gill Webb: the founding director and a physiotherapist. Her role in the business is to lead strategic innovation and development.

Andy Schmidt: a shareholding director with extensive experience in physiotherapy and business. His role is to oversee allied health services and service developments. 

Corne Mackie: a shareholding director who is a clinical neuropsychologist with 10 years’ experience in psychology, and 5 years’experience in delivering managerial services under Active+

Tracey Barron and Southern Cross: Tracey represents Southern Cross’s shareholding interest in Active+. She is a member of the Institute of Directors and heads strategic planning for Southern Cross Hospitals Ltd. She has a background as a pharmacist.

All our directors are committed to continuing to provide quality rehabilitation to New Zealanders, from a 100% New Zealand owned company.

And the wonderful thing about it is that after nearly 30 years, it still feels like we have only just begun!

If you are interested in joining the Active+ group, take a look at our Career Opportunities or Franchise Group.


How we became Active+