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COVID UPDATE - Level 4 & 3

Please email   for any inquiries.

Our Physiotherapy Clinics are CLOSED under Level 4 and Level 3.

We are still available for Telehealth , please contact our Team and they will be able to assist you.

Have a new injury and need assessment? You can now book online to see one of our Physiotherapist's through telehealth email for any inquires. 


If you want to contact your physiotherapist directly please email:


If levels change, for quick reference please refer to our Clinic Operational Level Guidelines:

Level                    Clinic 

Level 1                  Clinic is open

Level 2                  Clinic is open

Level 3                  Clinic closed – Telehealth available, our physio’s will contact you to arrange a booking.

Level 4                  Clinic closed – Telehealth available, our physio’s will contact you to arrange a booking.



We have now opened our new purpose-built premises at 3 Brian Smith Drive, Silverdale (In the new building just across from Bunnings), and we are taking bookings now!

Our new location will make us the largest physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre on the coast. Our new, larger location, allows us to bring on a wider team of health specialists, including:

  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Hand Therapist
  • Podiatrist
  • Psychologist, and
  • Dietician

Over time our Active Plus Orewa clinic has been growing and expanding, and we have very much appreciated the support and referrals which have led to this. This has created the need and opportunity to expand and add another larger premise which has been specifically designed for us and our clients. This is to cater for the growing Rodney District were by our aim is to provide locals with a one stop shop in health care management and rehabilitation in a convenient and accessible location.

We can provide a space that offers a premium service in the delivery of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, with easy parking, multiple consulting rooms and extended gym space for more classes, this will create an even greater experience for our patient’s when they visit us.

We can provide a wide range of services to our clients from the weekend warrior to athletes, children and adolescents, elderly and falls prevention, PINC and STEEL cancer rehabilitation, Post-Operative rehabilitation, Concussion and Pain Services, Vestibular Treatment, Acupuncture, Bradcliff Breathing and Pilates. Active Plus Silverdale has a range of clients from Musculoskeletal Private Practice to a great number of Rehabilitation contracts with ACC, with gym-based programmes, including an onsite purpose fit gym to cater for all our clients.

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