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To our Valued Clients, 


Thank you for being a loyal customer and putting your valuable trust in our Active Plus Silverdale business for all these years.


Although we have tried our best to keep the expenses low, our operating costs have increased significantly. After carefully reviewing the finances, we have made the tough decision of increasing our prices for all physiotherapy services.

The change has been effective from Monday 19th February 2024.


As always, we are striving to evolve and improve our services.


We thank you for your understanding and support.






Service Charges 

(as of Monday 19th February 2024)

ACC Initial Appointment


ACC Follow Up Appointment


ACC Concussion Initial Appointment


ACC Concussion Follow Up Appointment


ACC Extended Consultation


MASTERS Physiotherapist, Clinical Director ACC Initial Appointment


MASTERS Physiotherapist, Clinical Director ACC Initial Appointment




Private Vestibular Initial Appointment


Private Vestibular Follow up Appointment





Private Standard Initial Appointment


Private Standard Follow Up Appointment


Private 1 hour Appointment 

$100 +GST

Private MASTERS Physiotherapist, Clinical Director Appointment


Private MASTERS Physiotherapist, Clinical Director Follow Up Appointment





(1 hour including travel, within 5 km of the clinic)



(1 hour including travel, within 5 km of the clinic)


* Travel charges will apply for all home visits at the current IRD rate per kilometre, from the clinic to your home, return.


 * For travel more than 5 kilometres from the clinic additional charges will apply, POA






 Failed Attendance / late Cancellation (less than 24 hours)







Cancer Physio Therapy PINC and Steel


We are  a registered provider with NZ Breast Cancer Foundation and you may be eligible for funding to assist with physiotherapy costs.  To apply for funding click here..


If you have had recent surgery it is quite likely that your health insurer will subsidise physiotherapy, however,as all policies differ, please check your individual policy with your provider.







Do I need to see my GP before coming for physiotherapy treatment?

No, you can come directly to Active Plus Physio without a referral from your GP. Our staff will help you with all the relevant ACC paperwork and help lodge your claim for you.

We welcome all patients, whether you have a current ACC claim, or are paying privately.

If you have already lodged an ACC claim for your injury please bring your claim details with you to your appointment. If you are unsure of your claim number, our administration staff will be able to help you find it.


Will ACC cover my injury?

The Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) will pay some of the treatment costs for any treatment you require for an injury that is as a result of an accident, the co-payments at Active Plus are listed as above. Accidents that ACC cover can include most work place injuries, accidents at home as well as sporting injuries. If you are unsure as to whether you will be covered, our team will be able to speak you through your eligibility on your first appointment.


Why is there a co-payment?

At Active Plus our physiotherapists are experienced within the profession, continually developing their skills and knowledge. Our senior staff also have post graduate qualifications with many years of experience. As a clinic we invest in our therapists by ensuring all staff participate in ongoing professional development ensuring the most up to date treatment techniques and advice for our patients. At Active Plus Silverdale we have great pride on delivering high standards of service. The co-payment we charge helps maintain our clinical standards and provide high standard of facilities and care which we believe is in the best interest of our clients.


What is the difference in care at Active Plus Silverdale?

At Active Plus Silverdale we are a multidisciplinary team, with onsite Physiotherapist’s, Occupational Therapists, Hand Therapists, Podiatry, Dietician and Psychology.

We have a great point of difference from other stand-alone Physiotherapy Clinic’s as our network holds direct ACC contracts. What does that mean? On assessment we can offer wrap around services that you may be eligible for after an injury that can optimise your recovery from an accident, with these services commonly fully funded with ACC.

These can include training for independence that is, getting you independent at home again after a fall or accident, services in recovery in concussion management, and assistance in returning to work after an injury, are just a few examples of ACC services available for our clients, that we can offer at Active Plus Silverdale.


Our Active Plus Team are passionate about getting our clients back to what they enjoy doing and assisting in their optimising their recovery.