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Accessible Physio for the Mangere Region (CSC Pilot)

What is the Accessible Physio Programme in the Mangere region?

In partnership with ACC, our Accessible Physio Programme, also known as the ACC Community Services Card (CSC) Pilot, is a fully-funded initiative that aims to improve access to Physiotherapy in Māngere and Otara by removing the co-payment barrier for those who would ordinarily not be able to access Physiotherapy due to financial constraints.

Active+ are proud to be providing services for Māngere, Māngere Bridge and Favona residents through our Airport Oaks clinic.

Māngere has been selected as an area as historically there have been significant socio-economic barriers to accessing ACC services within this area. The area has a high population of Māori and Pasifika clients, and ACC claim data tells us that Māori access allied health services at a rate of approximately 50% of the non-Māori population.

This Pilot will consider whether the Community Services Card may be a useful tool in improving access to Physiotherapy Services. The CSC Pilot also aims to enhance engagement with Primary care (GP’s) and services such as District Hospitals, specialists and urgent care facilities. The CSC Pilot launched on the 25th of July, 2022 and will run for at least 1 year.

Who is this for?

Clients with an ACC covered injury (that have not previously received treatment for that injury) who either have a CSC or are referred by a GP, Urgent Care facility or DHB who has identified that there may be a financial barrier to the client seeking Physiotherapy treatment. The Client will need to meet the eligibility criteria and reside in the selected suburbs.

The eligibility criteria:

The client must meet at least 1 of these criteria:

  • Having a current Community Services Card
  • Referred from a GP or District Hospitals or Urgent Care clinic who has identified that there may be a financial barrier to the client seeking treatment
  • Currently unemployed and on Job Seeker benefit through WINZ
  • Single parent receiving WINZ support
  • Full time (30 hours per week) tertiary students
  • Living in Māngere (this includes all of Māngere, Māngere Bridge and Favona)

Our staff will go through the eligibility criteria at booking and ensure that the client is eligible and resides within the determined boundaries.

The suburbs that are included in the pilot are:

  • Ambury
  • Mangere Bridge
  • Mangere South
  • Viscount
  • Mangere Central
  • Mascot
  • Arahanga
  • Favona West
  • Favona South
  • Favona North
  • Harania North
  • Harania West
  • Harania East
  • Mangere East
  • Aorere
  • Mangere Station

What are the benefits of the Programme?

  • Improved access to Physiotherapy for clients who would normally have a financial barrier. This is done by removing the client co-payment.
  • Timely access to highly qualified Physiotherapists who have been trained to provide expert assessment and management of injuries.
  • A client centered service focussing on the client and their Whanau
  • Best-fit evidence-based care
  • A holistic approach that considers cultural, psychological and social needs alongside the injury in order to achieve the best possible client-focussed outcomes.

What will treatment involve?

  • Initial treatment will involve a thorough assessment by a highly qualified Physiotherapist and formation of a plan to achieve the client’s goals by finding the best solution for their needs. Treatment could involve referral for imaging or onto appropriate specialists; Stretching and strengthening exercise regimes; Education; Hands on therapy modalities; Acupuncture and any other physiotherapy-based modality deemed appropriate with the client goals as the key focus. 

Who can refer to this programme?

  • GP’s, District Hopsitals and Urgent care clinics can refer to this Pilot Programme.
  • Clients who believe they meet the eligibility criteria and reside in the included suburbs can self-refer. These criteria will be checked whilst booking an appointment. 

How do I refer my client onto the programme?

Please email or contact us on 09 275 0360 and we will be happy to answer your queries and provide further information. You can also fill in the contact form below to ask us to be in contact with you or your client.

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