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Class Timetable

Bookings are essential for all our classes. Concessions available. Please note this updated timetable is valid from 6 November 2023.






Monday11:00am60 minGet SteadyAndrea
Wednesday11:00am50 minStride Out David
Thursday11:00am60 minMS KEEPING AHEADAndrea
Friday2.00pm60 minPD Power HourJohn

PD Power Hour

A neuro protective specialised evidence-based exercise approach for not only managing, but improving and slowing down the effects of Parkinson’s Disease. Incorporating both physical and cognitive activity for people in the early stages of Parkinson's Disease. Utilising the 7 key principles of exercise for Parkinson’s, including large amplitude and power work. As well as creative and challenging dual task training. 


A six week intensive, high-level gait training group class. Based on the principles of driving neuroplastic change. The class covers high level balance retraining, strengthening, flexibility, reaction speed, and dual tasking. We make the most of the specialised rehab equipment to keep the classes fun and challenging. Designed to reflect the demands of real world living and to create energy efficient mobility.

MS GET A HEAD START (coming soon)

An innovative six-week high intensity exercise and education program to empower self-management. Providing those living with MS some hope. This therapist-lead exercise program changes lives for those living with MS. Covering six educational topics over the weeks with a strong focus on building self-management, as well as ensuring exercise and physical activity, MS Head Start can be completed in a safe and effective way around your MS symptoms. It is an essential course for anyone living with MS.

When: 6 week program dates to be decided


This is our graduate program for those who have completed the innovative life changing MS Get a Head Start program and want to keep up with regular exercise sessions. Built on the same philosophy, this is a circuit based interval program targeting those key areas for optimal mobility.


The perfect balance class for anyone wanting to improve their balance and reduce their risk of falls. This group class covers the key areas connected to balance, including strengthening, proprioception, vision and vestibular training. Ideal to keep you nimble on your feet.