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Claire Boyce
Physiotherapist Lymphodema PINC & STEEL


Graduated in 2008, spent years in public health service developing the acute breast surgery services.  Trained to be a Lymphoedema Therapist in 2011 and guest lectured at AUT to the student physiotherapists.  Ongoing work with AUT Physiotherapy students in their research projects including working to get published in a journal regarding Axillary Web Syndrome (an issue that can present after breast surgery) for a previous project and continuing to work on this in a new project with new students at AUT this year. Claire also has a special interest in head and neck cancer rehabilitation.

My Goals

  • To have the AWS research project published in association with AUT
Claire Boyce


2008 BHSc (Physiotherapy)
2011 Lymphoedema Therapy
2014 PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist