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Claire Boyce
Oncology Rehabilitation Team Leader & Lymphoedema


Claire graduated in 2008 and spent years in the public health service, developing acute breast surgery services.  Claire is also involved in teaching modules offered by Pinc & Steel International Cancer Rehabilitation.

She trained to be a Lymphoedema Therapist in 2011 and guest lectured at AUT to future physiotherapists. Claire has been involved with AUT physiotherapy students in their research projects regarding Axillary Web Syndrome (an issue that can be present after breast surgery.)  

In 2019 Claire was asked to present in a webinar hosted by Breast Cancer New Zealand, titled: "Living with Lymphoedema." In the last three years Claire has worked with Canopy Cancer Care to develop a client information video for cancer rehabilitation, along with a webinar for the Cancer Society NZ regarding the benenfits of exercise; she was also asked to speak on the Newshub AM Show about lymphatic massage. 

Claire attended the first head and neck lymphoedema certification course offered at Macquarie University in Australia in 2022; she has since presented her own head and neck research at New Zealand's biggest scientific gathering: the Queenstown Research Week: Lymphatics in Health and Disease conference.

Claire has a special interest in head and neck cancer rehabilitation and has provided training to other therapists on this topic through the Pinc & Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Trust. Claire heads up our cancer rehabilitation team. 

My Goals

  1. To work closely with the multidisciplinary teams involved with head and neck cancer and breast cancer to improve the outcomes for these populations
  2. To reduce the rate of lymphoedema, following cancer surgery/intervention, through early cancer rehabilitation intervention
  3. To attend another FI race - which means more travel internationally!
Claire Boyce


2008 BHSc (Physiotherapy)
2011 Lymphoedema Therapy
2014 PINC Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist
2022 Head and Neck Lymphoedema Certification - MacQuarie University