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Elna Kingsley
Occupational Therapist


Elna graduated as an Occupational Therapist in 1998 and commenced her career as Occupational Therapist in South Africa. Elna also gained experience having worked in Republic of Ireland and United Kingdom. Elna has recently moved to New Zealand with her family.

She has 20 years of professional experience and has worked with children, adults and the elderly in various settings; ranging from schools, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and private practises. Elna values a multi-disciplinary team approach when assisting clients in achieving their goals.

My Goals

  • Elna’s work goal is to be accredited by ACC for provision of OT services under more contracts and to complete training in these areas. She currently works on the Stay At Work programme.
  • On the personal side, Elna is a keen runner and wants to run half-marathons all over the beautiful New Zealand. She enjoys exploring new places with her family.
Elna Kingsley


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy