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Joy Bi
Physiotherapist Pilates


Joy graduated from AUT. Originally from China, Joy has been in New Zealand for more than ten years. She is fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese. With a background of Eastern mindfulness practice and Physiotherapy training, Joy values a holistic approach when working with her patients. Before getting into Physiotherapy, she studied Psychology and Nutrition which enabled her to appreciate other aspects of personal wellbeing. Joy’s main interests in Physiotherapy are musculoskeletal and working with the paediatric population. She has also completed her level one Pilates course and is hoping to include more mind and body techniques into her practice.

Joy是我们团队的一位新员工,她于2018年毕业于奥克兰理工大学的物理治疗系。Joy出生在中国四川,在十二岁的时候来到了新西兰。 她能够用流利的中文以及英文和她的病人们交流。除了以病理为主的专业物理治疗以外,Joy也非常重视心理健康对人的重要性。她相信健康的多元化是要通过全方位治疗来达成的,所以也在致力于学习更多的医疗手法。最近Joy刚刚完成了她的普拉提训练,希望可以用更新的技术为更多人找到自己的健康平衡。

My Goals

  1. To become better at teaching Pilates
  2. To learn Japanese
  3. Improve her care taking skills for her succulents (and don’t kill them)


  1. 精进自己的普拉提能力
  2. 学习日语和摄影
  3. 更好的照顾自己家的多肉植物(不要养死它们)
Joy Bi


BHSc Physiotherapy