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Katie Geese
Physiotherapist Breathing Therapist


Katie grew up in a sporting household which ignited a passion for all sports, especially football, both as a player and referee. Katie enjoys working with a variety of people from older adults to adolescence and athletes. She has completed all the Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy NZ courses and has worked with many top sports teams including the Ice Fernz, NZ's Women's Ice Hockey Team. She is currently working on her Post Graduate studies focusing on Sports Psychology, breathing and Vocational Rehab. Katie is also a level 1 Bradcliff breathing practitioner and is looking forward to helping clients with breathing pattern disorders.

Katie will be seeing musculoskeletal, breathing and Vocational Rehab Clients.

My Goals

1. To get back to running.

2. Continue furthering her knowledge in women's health.

3. To travel and explore New Zealand.

Katie Geese


BHSc Physiotherapy