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Vivienne Sheldon
Senior Physiotherapist Sports & Acupuncture


Viv is an experienced physio working in private physiotherapy for over 30 years. She holds a Masters in Health Practice specializing in Acupuncture, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy. Her special interests are acupuncture, orthopaedic paediatrics, and women's health. She is developing her knowledge around treatment of the jaw joint, a joint that not many physios treat. She has previously worked for many elite netball teams such as the Northern Mystics and the England National squad and worked for New Zealand football for many years. Viv enjoys being active and plays netball, touch, and runs.

My Goals

  • To continue to listen to my clients and respond with appropriate, good quality treatment.
  • To stay up to date with ongoing research by attending conferences, then applying this knowledge in the clinic.
  • To continue to run and play netball and touch (while avoiding injury!)
Vivienne Sheldon


Masters of Health Practice (Acupuncture),
Post-Graduate Diploma of Health Science (Sports Physiotherapy),
Diploma of Physiotherapy