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I love my Pilates class and so does my body!

I had always had lower back problems from my early twenties (I am now 66) with lifting heavy items (she’ll be right, I can do it) a couple of nasty bangs on the head and other incidences that are called life.

I tried Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Doctors, had x-rays, you name it I had it but nothing seemed to work. I also tried yoga, dance and the gym but I always had pain of some sort.

Three and a half years ago I fell down my internal stairs at home hurting my back quite badly. I went to a Chiropractor, had ex-rays and started getting everything sorted. He also pointed out some curvatures of my spin caused by incidences over the years. After being with him for a few weeks he advised me to look for a Pilate’s class that was small in numbers so I could get some one on one attention. He said he could keep doing the manipulations but unless I started specific exercises my back wouldn’t stay in place – I needed to strengthen my stomach muscles to hold everything in place.

I have now been with Active Pilates for 3 plus years and find I am pain free in my lower back about 90% of the time (for 40 odd years I have suffered some sort of back pain).

I now know how to sit and stand properly, I put this down to the classes I have attended and strengthening the stomach and back muscles also the one on one teaching we are able to get at Active Pilates in Lynnfield. We are asked at the beginning of our class what ails so we get a workout to suit us on that particular day.

I would recommend anyone to have a go – give it at least 4 to 5 classes to settle in, best thing I ever did (besides my dance classes) the class is serious but we have quite a few laughs at the same time.

Stephanie Stone

Stephanie Stone

Happy Customer

My problem was deteriorating osteoporosis and chronic neck pain. Alastair took a full history prior to deciding a treatment plan. He prompted me to return to my Doctor to discuss options to treat osteoporosis. This advice proved invaluable. He then planned an appropriate physio regime to help me. I was impressed by Alastair's enthusiasm, professionalism and ongoing interest. I would highly recommend Active Physio Bay Roskill for anyone needing physiotherapy.

Mary Austin


On two occasions in the last 8 weeks I have required the services of Alastair Prentice of Active Physio Bay Roskill. Both were hip-related, but not the same injury. On both occasions a series of sessions quickly resulted in me rapidly progressing from feeling like an 80-year–old needing a walking cane, to being able to partake in my favoured weekly Orienteering outing. Alastair has exceeded my greatest hopes with his professionalism and his ability to enable my recovery from both painful instances. I would like to record my thanks for his help and would recommend his expertise to anyone who would benefit from his profession.

John Chapman

Happy Customer

I would like to thank Alastair for getting me back up on my feet and running again - not once, but twice. In 2003, a badly rolled ankle, and untold pain, brought me to Active Physio and Alastair's magic hands. Then in 2011 after rolling another ankle, Alastair managed me back into marathon training to the point where I was running gently within 2 weeks, and training fully within 4. All delivered with a dose of good humour that helped dull the pain and speed healing. I can thoroughly recommend Alastair to anyone wanting to stay active.

Cam Lorimer

Air Traffic Controller

In 2009 I damaged my shoulder in a skiing accident. After a period of time this lead to surgery and Alastair was involved in my post surgical recovery. My main goal following surgery was to have sufficient range of movement so I could surf again. Thanks to Alastair’s coaching and training programme, I only needed six weeks to get my mobility back to a point where I feel is better than where it was prior to the operation, and I am now back surfing. From my perspective as self employed and busy businessman, I found Alastair to be professional, reliable and confident to deal with and would not have any hesitation to recommend his practice to you.

Keith Jones