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Epsom - Manukau Rd

About our Practice

The Epsom Clinic is easily accessible from both Gillies Ave and Market Road off ramps. It is well positioned on Manukau Road close to Newmarket, a convenient location for appointments before, during and after work. The clinic provides private treatment room facilities, an exercise studio and two My5 Power Plate® Acceleration Training plates. 

Service Charges 

ACC Initial Appointment - 30 mins$30
ACC Follow Up Appointment - 20 mins$25
ACC Follow Up Extended Appointment - 30 mins$39
ACC32 Application$25
Private Initial Appointment - 30 mins$75
Private Follow Up Appointment - 20 mins$58
Private Follow Up Extended Appointment - 30 mins$68
Power Plate and Gym Programmes 
6 Weeks$275
8 Weeks $325
12 Weeks $375
Failed Attendance (With less than 4 Hours Notice)$45
Materials used in treatment will incur an extra fee 

Services we Offer