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Helen Souloglou
Physiotherapist, Shoulder Specialist


Helen graduated form Manchester University, UK in 1996 with a BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy. She has a keen interest in shoulders with a focus on strengthening/ mobility programs to stabilise and reduce pain. She has a special interest in frozen shoulders, after developing a frozen shoulder herself and experiencing the pain and reduction in function. She started using a treatment technique called the Neil Asher Technique (NAT) which she has now used on many patients with great success to reduce pain and expedite the return to normal shoulder activity. She has travelled extensively using her career and worked in Canada and Australia.


My Goals

  • Improve on staying upright on a paddle board
  • Walk the Machu Picchu trail, Peru
  • Increase the awareness of treatment for frozen shoulder with the NAT technique
Helen Souloglou


BHSc (Physio)