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Jonathon Moyle
Physiotherapist, Sports Rehab, Pain Services, Stre


Jonathon Moyle owner/ Physio specializing in Sports rehabilitation Graduated university of Alberta in 1993 with a B.Sc Physical Therapy and completed a Dip Physiotherapy in Auckland. Jonathon is a former track and field athlete that competed for NZ for 10 years attending the Commonwealth games and world champs. He was the NZ champion numerous times in the long jump and competed for NZ in the sprint events. He also competed for NZ in the Bobsled world cup. After retiring from his own sports Jonathon focused his efforts on helping other sportsmen and women achieve their goals both as a Physio and Coach.

Jonathon has been the head Physiotherapist for The Warriors and Kiwi league teams, Blues, Mitsubishi and NTT rugby and NZ athletics. As a coach, he has been the national jumps coach for NZ and individually coached athletes to the Olympics and many others to national and international titles. After returning from contract in Japan Jonathon's focus now lies on helping more kiwis achieve their dreams.

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Jonathon Moyle


BScPT (Canada) Dip Phys