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Mabel Tata


Soifua manuia!

Mabel is our afternoon and evening receptionist at the clinic. Mabel was born and raised in South Auckland and her family descend from the beautiful islands of Samoa.

When she is not sitting at our reception desk, Mabel enjoys spending time with family, at the gym training or playing sports (volleyball, Taekwon-Do and basketball with her brothers) as well as watching sports.

What is your favorite part of the job

My favorite part about the job is the people! I love meeting new clients and the conversations I have with them but I also love the team that I work with! The moment I walked in for my interview, everyone was so welcoming towards me. I’m hoping that I can make all the clients I meet feel the exact same way I did when I first walked in.


O le tele o sulu e maua ai figota, e mama se avega pe a ta amo fa’atasi

My strength does not come from me alone but from many

My Goals

  1. Make the NZ Taekwon-Do Team and compete at World Championships again
  2. Go back to University and study Physiotherapy
  3. Do at least 3x pull ups by my birthday next year!
Mabel Tata


BSc (Exercise Science), Auckland University, 2022
Certificate of Health Science, Auckland University, 2018