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Dharmesh Vaja


Graduating in 2014 from a prestigious institution in India, Dharmesh worked for 2 years in private clinic and hospital back in India, following that he devoted seven years of hard work to obtain registration in New Zealand, where he continues to make a profound impact in the field of physiotherapy.

In New Zealand, Dharmesh found his calling working closely with netball (Waitakere), rugby, football, and basketball teams at various locations, showcasing his perseverance to sports physiotherapy and commitment to enhancing athletic performance while preventing injuries.

Driven by a desire to serve the community, he is aiming to deepen his expertise and better serve his patients with evidence-based practices. With a keen interest in musculoskeletal health and considerable experience in concussion screening, exercise prescription, pain management, sports strapping, cupping therapy, manipulation, and sports sideline management. Dharmesh brings a comprehensive approach to patient care. He has also made significant contributions to community physiotherapy, particularly in working with children with disabilities, showcasing his commitment to inclusivity and accessibility in healthcare.

Dharmesh thrives on working with individuals of all ages, tailoring rehabilitation programs to suit their unique needs and goals. He is dedicated to fostering a collaborative relationship with his patients, incorporating various exercise-based and manual therapy techniques alongside education to achieve optimal outcomes.

With his blend of experience, empathy, and expertise, Dharmesh is dedicated to empowering individuals to lead healthier, more active lives, one personalized rehabilitation program at a time.


English, Hindi, and Gujarati

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Dharmesh Vaja


Bachelor of Physiotherapy