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Erin Holland
Managing Director


Erin is the owner of both the Howick and Highbrook clinics. Erin works primarily in management, co-ordinating our wonderful staff, liasing with local businesses and public health to promote health and wellbeing in our communities and developing the strategic vision for the business.

She also holds the role of Chief of Clinical Services for Active Ltd and manages the Allied Health teams for ACC rehabilitation and Private contracts throughout New Zealand.

Her clinical expertise is wide ranging and she has over 20 years experience in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and includes manual therapy, sports medicine, acupuncture , chronic pain management, hyperventilation and breathing disorders, chronic fatigue and cancer rehabilitation.


My Goals

  • To spend more time on my own fitness goals
  • To get braver on my paddle board 
  • To provide sound management strategy and leadership within our profession 
Erin Holland


BHSc (Physio)
PGC (Rehab)
PINC Certified Cancer Rehabilitation Physiotherapist

Certified Bradcliff Hyperventilation and Respiratory Physiotherapist