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Katherine Mattiello
Occupational Therapist


Katherine is an Occupational Therapist (OT) and works across the Howick, Highbrook branches. She trained as an OT in Australia and spent 6 years working there before moving to Auckland in mid 2017. Her experience, both clinical and management, has been varied; working with clients with stroke patient’s in hospital, the geriatric community, experience with children with disabilities and assisting client’s with return to work services. Katherine has a particular interest in cognitive rehabilitation, and recently completed a training course “what ever it takes model” by Barry Willer. Katherine is away on maternity leave from November 9th.

My Goals

Katherine’s work goal for 2018 is to be accredited by ACC for provision of OT services under the Concussion Services Contract and to complete some more training in this area.

Katherine Mattiello


BSc ( Occupational Therapy)