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Over the years as part of my sporting career I have worked with many physiotherapists to keep me on the field. I have been a client of Active Physio in Howick for the last couple of years and have found them to deliver the highest standard of care.They have a wide range of professional skills to get you going faster and I would not hesitate to recommend Erin and the friendly team at Active Physio.

Ritchie Barnett

Ex NZ Kiwis Captain and ARL player

Since the beginning of February I have attended two Pilates a week taken by Erin from Active+ Physio in Howick. I have found the classes to be very helpful in terms of managing my back problems and improving my overall flexibility. Erin is an excellent teachers with the Pilates exercises being appropriate to the level of those in the class. Instructions and demonstrations are clear and easy to follow. Most of all I appreciate the small class size and the support and encouragement offered by the instructors and class members.

Dr Eleanor Hawe

Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Education PhD Advisor

I first received therapy from Active+ Physio in Howick during recovery from a broken femur following a fall a couple of years ago at the age of 91. I was fortunate to have Debbie Pauw, a very experienced physiotherapist, come and work with me. She helped me with exercises to build strength and mobility and her great communication skills and encouragement has motivated me to work hard and improve. I now walk every day with the assistance of a walker to my local shops, meet with family and friends and enjoy being part of the wider community I live in. I’m really grateful to have this support and couldn’t ask for a better physiotherapist.

Henry Smith

Happy Customer

In December 2014 I had an elective double mastectomy, plus a reconstruction later on, due to a significant family history of breast cancer. Following this surgery I was re-admitted to hospital for a further 2 weeks as I had developed an infection. Because my surgery was preventative, and not due to cancer (thankfully), I did not receive the same post-op care or funding as cancer sufferers do. When I was referred to Cath Noventa at the end of last year I was a mess, both physically and mentally. I was still in pain, my movements were impaired and I had gained a considerable amount of weight (16kg in 18 months). I was feeling pretty miserable. I was also suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, which was also painful and debilitating. It had taken me many years to decide to go ahead with this surgery and Cath’s gentle, professional and knowledgeable approach has been one of the most important factors in coming to terms with the changes in my body. We realised my situation was “unique” compared to other PINC clients, although possibly becoming less so, however Cath tailored her approach and treatment to my individual needs. The time spent with Cath in sessions has helped my recovery and rehabilitation greatly. I would highly recommend Cath as a Physiotherapist, and encourage others to make an appointment for an assessment. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and I have lost 7kg too! 

Sara Mitchell

Happy Customer