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Sarah Tordeich


Sarah has a special interest and expertise running injuries. She combines video biomechanical and gait analysis with her experience of training and competing in road, track and cross country running at North Harbour Bays Athletics Club to help identify pain causing problems, improve your running performance, fine tune technique and reduce your risk of re-injury.

Her second key area of special interest is managing patients with long term injury, particularly chronic lower back pain and tendon injuries, for example achilles tendinopathy, patellar tendinopathy and shoulder rotator cuff complaints. Sarah has had to deal with a number of chronic tendon injuries herself, which have affecting her running ability and performance, so she has a great deal of empathy and interest in getting you back to sport or work as soon as possible.

You will benefit from her focus on identification and management of the underlying, contributary factors to your pain or injury, as well as managing the acute symptoms that you present with. She has a hands on approach to treatment and rehabilitation, using manual therapy combined with exercise prescription and self-management that will help you prevent injury recurrence.

Sarah has over five years of post-graduate clinical experience and has worked with premier club rugby being the physio for the Massey Rugby Club in 2013 when they won the premier competition. She has also worked with softball and AFL teams.

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Sarah Tordeich


BHSc Physiotherapy, Certificate in Dry Needling,