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Dr Andy Walmsley
Clinical Psychologist


My name is Andy Walmsley, I completed my Clinical Psychology training at Massey University in Wellington, graduating with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Honours in Science in Psychology. During my post-graduate studies, I completed several neuropsychology papers for children and adults. I'm registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board and a member of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists. Previously worked at New Plymouth hospital, and for the past 2-years have worked in private practice. 


Prior to training as a clinical psychologist, I was a tennis coach for 10-years, working with high performance athletes. During my spare time I enjoy growing chillies, and surfing. I have two furry children that keep me busy, with constant games of fetch!  


My Goals

Business Goals– My main goal is to make psychology tools more accessible to everyone from all walks of life.  Often psychology tools are complicated with the jargon used in academic journals and text books. It can also be expensive for people to work with a psychologist, meaning parts of society do not gain equal access to the benefit of psychology tools. To make psychology tools available for everyone I continue to write books on psychology topics, deliver workshops for people to learn new psychology tools, and working towards integrating psychology tools into the school and work environment.  

Personal Goals – Continue to work towards maintaining my wellbeing. This includes exploring new hobbies such as carpentry, growing chillies, and always having an adventure planned within the calendar.