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Jono Schepers
Rehab Coach


Health and fitness is my true passion in life. I began my study fresh out of high school with the ambition of helping transform lives and making a difference in the health and wellbeing of others. During my career I have been fortunate to train and work with hundreds to thousands of clients ranging from all abilities and walks of life! I specialised in group personal training and worked with some of the biggest names in group fitness. I've worked alongside professional athletes in athletic performance and injury rehabilitation and spent much of my career around helping people regain strength, heal from injury and improve their physical quality of life. I've also studied holistic health and find a passion in helping people regain their health as naturally as possible and maintain a healthy and effective lifestyle! 

In my own time, you'll always find me outdoors. Whether it's in the ocean diving or surfing, out on the rugby field or walking New Plymouth's beautiful trails. I spend my evenings in the gym and practicing what I love the most. I'm very social and love connecting with others! I believe there is nothing physical exercise can't help with and I'm excited to help aid you in reaching your full physical potential. 


My Goals

- Continue to specialize in movement correction and physical health 

- Help more people within the Taranaki community 

Jono Schepers


Certificate in Personal Training
Group Personal Training Specialist
Holistic Health Coach