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Kathy Waterfield
Occupational Therapist (Neuro)


Kathy studied at the University of Brighton, UK, obtaining a PGDip and MSc in Health through Occupation (occupational therapy). She has worked in a variety of clinical areas including spinal cord injury, mental health, and neuro rehab.

 Kathy loves being an occupational therapist, and enjoys enabling people to improve their self-efficacy and occupational performance by doing what is meaningful for them. She is passionate about occupational balance and occupational justice.

 As well as working with clients under various ACC contracts with Active Plus, Kathy is pleased to be part of the Duncan Foundation’s National Neuro Allied Health Team, and is an accredited clinician providing services for those living with neurological disorders.  

 Kathy is also a yoga teacher, having completed 500 hours of teacher training. You can call and book in for one-to-one yoga with Kathy through Active Plus.

My Goals

Kathy Waterfield


PGDip/MSc in Occupational Therapy