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Erin Christensen


Erin has a background of working predominantly in public sector roles providing physiotherapy to adults and children. She has worked in New Zealand, England, Australia, Africa, and Vietnam. 

 As well as working for Active +, Erin is currently still working part-time at Kaitaia Hospital.  Erin is passionate about rehabilitative interventions, supporting her clients to recover from major trauma. She enjoys working in the community setting, where goals are functional and necessary for daily living. 

 When Erin is not working, she is busy being a Mum, helping out on the family's beef farm, tending to the gardens, or preferably - boating and camping. 

My Goals

Erin moved to Kaitaia with the motivation to improve health outcomes for those who find it difficult to access healthcare. Kaitaia has a number of challenges including geographical distance from health providers, cultural barriers, and socioeconomic challenges. Erin has worked on several projects to improve health outcomes including telehealth and adapting service provision. 

It remains a passion to continue to develop innovative ways to engage clients with healthcare. 

Erin Christensen


Bachelor of Health Science (Physiotherapy)
Graduate Diploma of Arts (Psychology)