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Helen Evans
Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor


Helen has a Masters (with Distinction) in Sport and Exercise Medicine as well as her degrees in Physiotherapy and Exercise Science. She previously served in the British Army as a Physiotherapy Officer for 9 years, deploying on Operational Tours to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, where she treated patients with major trauma, as well as those with sports and overuse injuries. Helen worked with Olympic and Paralympic athletes at the English Institute of Sport and has a special interest in sports injuries. She practices acupuncture and clinical pilates and believes in the need for a strong core for optimal function in both injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

My Goals

  • To get on the water at least once a week either windsurfing, yacht    racing or stand up paddle boarding
  • To get my pre baby body back, or at least my core strength
  • To play my saxophone and clarinet again after neglecting them for       the past 5 years.



Helen Evans


MSc. (Sport & Ex. Medicine)
BSc. (Hons) Physio
BSc. (Hons), Ex. Phys.