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Janette Smith
Practice Manager


Janette Smith is the practice manager for Orewa, and has been doing this role for a number of years, since the clinic became Active+, and prior to this in it's former guise. Janette is responsible for keeping the clinic reception running smoothly and will cheerfully help out with any queries regarding your appointments, treatments and claims. Janette is an Orewa local, and many of our long-term clients have got to know her well, and vice versa.

When she is not in the clinic, Janette enjoys socialising with friends, spending time with her extended family, and exercising. Janette also enjoys travelling, and has recently enjoyed some time travelling in Italy.

She is always happy to help you out if you have any queries around any aspect of your care in the clinic, and any feedback around this. 


My Goals

1. To achieve and maintain my full fitness potential.

2. To continue to enjoy life with all of its challenges. 

3. To keep learning!