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Tiffany Grant
Occupational Therapist


Tiffany graduated with a Diploma of Occupational Therapy in 1991.  She has extensive experience covering a broad range of physical conditions in both clinical and community based settings.

Her work over the years has involved new graduate occupational therapy roles at Middlemore Hospital, ACC vocational rehabilitation through private clinics and companies – assessment and evaluation of individual’s workplaces and work tasks, vocational consultancy – finding suitable work experience opportunities for clients and ACC pain management programmes.

Currently Tiffany’s work interest is focused on persistent pain conditions and stress management with clients.  The aim is to educate clients on understanding pain and the physiology of pain, learn a range of self-management pain and coping strategies, assessment of daily life activities and help clients achieve their individual rehabilitation goals. 

Tiffany is also skilled in the ergonomic assessment and adjustment of workstations, equipment advice and can observe and advise on work techniques which may lead to muscle strain and discomfort.

My Goals

Tiffany Grant


Bachelor of Occupational Therapy