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As a former professional tennis player, having an injury and time off playing cost me money.  So it was important for me that I got the most accurate and thorough diagnosis and treatment.   I continue to use Andy because he always gave me the confidence that I would be back playing in the quickest possible time.  I have travelled extensively and can truly say Andy is world class. As well as his professionalism he has a great sense of humour, making my treatments as enjoyable as is possible.

Dan King-Turner

Former NZ No. 1 Tennis Player

I decided to do something about my pain. I had a treatment and my consultation was amazing as the physio listened and stage by stage  discussed my problem. They not only worked on the area of pain but took the time to look at areas that may be causing the pain. The next day I felt such a relief that i just wanted to say thank you for listening and caring.

Lorraine Bird

Happy Customer

28 years ago I fractured my right femur badly, which meant I ended up with my right leg being shorter, I needed to have all my shoes built up, but still had a discrepancy, November 2014 I had my right hip replaced, after 3 months and still being in considerable pain, I booked a massage with Victoria, having asked around and she was recommended. To my delight within 3 minutes on the table Victoria had pin pointed where and why I was in pain, and she could help me with it. Victoria recommended pool exercises too so she met me at the hot pools and gave me exercises specific to my needs, and as I improved more were added, now I'm pain free. I cannot recommend Victoria highly enough, for her caring and knowledge.

Gale Pickles

Happy Customer

Andy and the Team at Active+ have made a significant benefit to my rehabilitation after a bilateral knee replacement. Andy has provided professional physical and emotional support – my running meter has just ticked over 60 years – I am confident stating he is the best physio I have been associated with and there have been some good ones.

Paul Fearon

Happy Customer

Andy is a very skilled and knowledgable physiotherapist, and the best I have met. I particularly valued Andy's approach which is a mix of understanding my objectives, bringing to the table a depth of knowledge of physiotherapy and options for repairing my shoulder injury and tailoring a repair program to my needs. I am thrilled with the results of his work and advice and my rehabilitation progress. Andy is also obviously passionate about his profession and keeps current and engaged in the latest research. I highly recommend Andy as an expert and competent physiotherapist.

Greg Runnerstrum

Marketing Consultant