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Anthony Broadbent


Anthony has been a practicing physiotherapist for 9 ½ years. He initially spent 7 years as a rotational Physio in Rotorua Hospital. He also spent  2½ years at QE Health and has experience with patients with ACC injuries and patients with persistent pain. Anthony is passionate about helping people overcome their pain so they can be active again. Doing this means they can then resume their passion in sports or hobbies. Anthony likes giving them the hope! He is looking forward to assisting you in the management of your injuries.

When not busy at the Active+ clinic, you can find Anthony possibly scuba diving, fishing or cycling (when he is allowed) or he will be spending his time with his one and only 5-year-old son.


My Goals

  1. The biggest goal I would like to achieve while at Active+ would be to help people to overcome their low back and neck pain, so they can return to sports or past times they are passionate about. As someone who has had chronic pain in the past and overcome it by way of treatment, I would really like to empower the public and re-assure them that their pain can be overcome and function restored.
  2. I have already completed ‘Round the lake Cycle Challenge’ 3 times now and it was just as challenging mentally as it was physically!
  3. Staying in shape which really helps me as a diver (another one of my passions).
Anthony Broadbent


BHSc (Physiotherapy)
PG Cert HSC (Acupuncture)