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Colin Hancock
Head Clinician


Colin has spent 20 years working in sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy. He has been a head clinician in various clinics for the past 14 years.

Colin is passionate about putting activity into people's lives and measuring the improvements people can make through more activity. He strives to make people better than before their injury. Colin loves to help people overcome any hurdles they may face to get better.

Outside of work Colin's interests include rugby and trail running. He is also a member of the local school board of trustees. He likes to follow his children's sports and school activities. Colin also has an interest in positive psychology.

My Goals

  • Improving my knowledge and skill in helping patients with pain and concussion.
  • Keeping my professional and personal life in good balance.
  • Keeping fit and healthy despite a busy work and home life.
Colin Hancock


Bachelor of physiotherapy (BPhty)