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Alison Tubby


Alison is a new graduate who has had placements working with paediatrics with neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.  She has worked in hospital on acute respiratory and haematology ward.  Alison has also spent time in the private practice environment working with musculoskeletal clients and on some ACC vocational contracts.  She also worked as a receptionist in a small private practice in Auckland while she was studying to become qualified.

Alison is passionate about helping people to return to aspects of life that they were missing out on due to their injury.  She is very interested in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, it motivates her to help her clients achieve their goals.

In her down time Alison enjoys skiing with her friends and family.  She likes to spend time in the garden and tries to grow her own veges although claims to not always be successful!  She loves spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking to share feasts with her friends and family

My Goals

- To become involved with pilates so I can teach my clients some of the exercises that will be beneficial to their rehabilitation

- To learn how to ballroom dance

- To join a netball team

Alison Tubby


BHSc (Physiotherapy)