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Jaimee Knight


Who am I?

I am a native Hamiltonian who has been working and travelling abroad and finally returned home to set more permanent roots.

I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy in 2010 with the initial goal of working with athletes to help them achieve their goals of success on an international level. I spent a good part of my time as a University student and new graduate therapist volunteering with different sports groups and athletes whilst working in a musculoskeletal setting. I travelled a lot with regional touch and rugby teams and worked with New Zealand age group representative Basketball players.

As my career developed I found my points of interest changing more towards overall health and wellness and helping others to achieve pain-free movement in their individual aspects of life. I enjoy working with people who have suffered from every-day injuries and using my skills to help them achieve their goals and to discover how to keep themselves active and healthy with natural and pain free movement. I am still passionate about working with young athletes and enjoy helping them to return to their sports.

I am hoping to continue my education in Chinese medicine and acupuncture.

Outside of work I enjoy cooking, eating, baking and practically anything to do with food, mostly chocolate and cheese. I like to unwind by reading a novel or binge watching tv shows. I love slaying fish with a bow and arrow and driving my husband’s derby car in demolition derby races.  

My Goals

Jaimee Knight